Superb Artiste!

Erin’s work on my last project with her was extraordinary! She is a superb ARTISTE! I am so happy we have connected and that she’s so close to town. Her work outshines the usual makeup experts we’ve used in the past, and her attitude and joyous spirit makes her a true pleasure to work with, and quite a breath of fresh air, in this industry! You will never regret hiring Erin!


Satisfied Clients

So scary good!


I was quite amazed at how real the makeup looked! She’s a pro. You better not get too busy for me Erin!



Satisfied Client

My best idea ever!



I am a genius! I hired Erin for a shoot we had in the middle of Broadway, and she even brought her own tent. It rained. She saved our talent from looking like wet noodles. Saved my butt, and I looked great to the client. Woo too!

– Rick Johnson, Photographer



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